Our office is located at 9180 E. Desert Cove Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, just north of Shea Boulevard, on 92nd Street.
We are a general medicine practice, but we do specialize in certain areas including prolotherapy/PRP,
hormone balancing, natural pediatrics, and integrated family medicine.
During our providers’ initial visit with patients, they discuss treatment options and together with the patient collectively define a wellness plan. Because naturopathic medicine treats the whole person, our providers learn as much as possible about their patients to get to the root cause. Many times symptoms are signals of more deep-lying disease and true healing only comes with removal of this obstacle to cure.
Not traditionally. We give our patients all the necessary paperwork to file with their insurance company on their own and most are reimbursed through “out-of-network” benefits. This helps keep costs low for our patients as well as insure high quality care.
We submit lab invoices to your insurance. Typically, lab tests are covered. However, we do not contract with Medicare or AHCCCS.
Yes, we are the best providers of primary care because we take a preventative approach, offering healthy lifestyle advice, and supportive care that keeps you healthy and prevents disease.
As Naturopathic Medical Doctors, our providers’ training and experience have demonstrated the tremendous effectiveness natural medicine can have for most medical conditions. However, there are specific instances when pharmaceutical medications are necessary and they do prescribe drugs for patients with such needs.
Our providers also focus their practices on treating children. They have years of experience treating children, starting from birth until late adolescence.
Dr. Wazny
New patient consultations for adults and children are $375 and follow-up visits range between $145 and $165. All consultations for prolotherapy patients (new and established) are $150, including one treatment area. Additional treatment areas are $100 each. PRP treatments are $300 per treatment area.

Dr. DiCampli
New patient consultations for adults and children are $300 and follow-up visits are $145.

Our providers typically spend 60 minutes with each new patient during the initial consultation and depending upon the complexity, anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for follow-up visits. Prolotherapy/PRP new and established patient visits are scheduled for 30 minutes each.