To experience the joy of providing our patients with a foundation of knowledge and
experience to maximize their well-being.


Our mission is to assemble gifted and compassionate healers into an integrative medical
practice dedicated to providing a wide range of safe and effective treatments from both
traditional and alternative philosophies. We are open-minded and believe there are a
number of approaches available to improve patient health. We seek to truly know our
patients and use treatment modalities most aligned with who they are and the health goals
they seek to achieve.


We love what we do and consider our work an opportunity to express the best of who we

We love life and believe it is a gift worth preserving. We take care of ourselves and set
an example to others of what a healthy lifestyle can create.

We seek lasting relationships built on a foundation of acceptance, respect, service,
fairness, and trust.

We believe every task is worth doing well and seek to give our best to all that we do.

We are open to always learning more and believe there are many solutions to any given

We seek to achieve a healthy balance between our work, our family life, and our personal

We are reliable and keep our commitments. We are productive and efficient. We can be
counted on to finish what we start.

We believe every patient is unique, and we seek to find the treatments best suited to our
patients’ specific needs.

We choose to be positive. We focus our energy and attention on where we plan to go, not
where we are trying to get away from.

We listen carefully and communicate in a positive and open way with those with whom
we interact.

We are happy and optimistic by nature. We learn from our mistakes and move forward
better off for what we have experienced.

We support diversity and acceptance. We pursue a life built on cooperation rather than

We believe experience and intuition have value and choose to combine our natural
instincts with scientific medical practices to achieve the best possible health care