Our goal is to experience the joy of providing our patients with a foundation of health and well being upon which they can build the life of their dreams.

Health Matters, founded in 2012, is a naturopathic family medical practice using a preventative and integrated approach to our patients’ health. Patient communication, care and respect are foremost in our minds at all times. Our goal is to treat each patient completely and carefully, leveraging complementary methods – both all-natural and science-driven, researched and organically rich, to improve overall health. Our specialties include hormone therapy balancing, prolotherapy, natural pediatrics, natural pain management, and natural dermatology.

Our mission is to assemble gifted and compassionate healers into a naturopathic medical practice dedicated to providing a wide range of safe and effective treatments from both traditional and alternative philosophies. We are open-minded and believe that there are a number of approaches available to contribute to patient health care. We seek to truly know our patients and use treatment modalities most aligned with who they are and the health goals they seek to achieve.

Our Services